Acrylic on MDF board, 11.5 by 16.5 inches, unframed.

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When you set an intention, it is anot an event, it is not your ego that is setting a goal. It is the universe that is happening inside you, that pulls all the other forces of the universe around you to make it’s will happen. All of universe is a constant happening. So if you are just being, simply sitting, loosely thinking about an intention, even otherwise, simply sitting, the intention and it’s manifestation will come through you. Empty yourself of your own importance and every self proclaimed assumptions and it will be shown to you. You are not the creator but universe creates through you.

I am grateful and open. For all of universe to flow through me ❤️ and once my Master, Vincent Liyanage Sir ( a great mystic artist) said to me, leave everything and draw the lines. Line is mind..mind is line. I think I finally understand it.

This is a very special painting. I hope it finds a very special home. God bless.


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