“Giri”, Acrylic and Wall paint on Canvas. 18 by 24 inches.

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If you have been following my stories, you already know I am a big fan of Tiruvannamalai, a hill in South India. I just returned yesterday after a very beautiful visit. The hill is revered as Shiva itself. We walk around the mountain to offer our respects.

There are very few places in India where I feel extreme peace and cradled by the Universe. #manasarovar and #tiruvannamalai top my list. A few others are #hajiali and #notredame in France. There’s a reason why I include all relegions. I am not tied to Hinduism. Infact I belong more to buddhism when it comes to my values and principles. I am also a Sufi when it comes to seeking. The idea is to realise that we are the one supreme consciousness, we are one with the insects, animals and everything in nature. Tiruvannamalai decimates my ego (that’s why I’ve removed paint to reveal the form), makes me realise that the supreme consciousness has no top or bottom (the ellipsis, lingam) and it gives exactly half to Shakti, the formless female energy that drives the whole world. Tiruvannamalai is him and her, it is a benovalent awareness that should make us all more loving, compassionate and burn everything that perpetuates the Maya of ego.

Giri in Tamil means a mountain. Hence the signature. It’s also my name, and a reminder that I am that supreme consciousness and not a seperate entity. It’s a constant reminder to me that “I” don’t exist.

Hope you like it.


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