I am Girija Hariharan.

I am an artist, muralist and illustrator, based out of Bangalore. I am working full-time in art for the past 5 years, after having had a successful IT corporate career for more than 13 years. A Masters graduate of Electrical Engineering from US, with a B.E from BITS, Pilani, I have been a bookworm all my life. But art followed me all my life, from when i was a toddler, to college fests where i painted huge backdrops and sculptures, art was always waiting for me, to take it into its fold.

I do custom and original artworks and installations professionally, at home and abroad. My murals and artworks are sought after by designers and quirky home and business owners who would like to express themselves through space. I have collaborated with national and International artists, and I have shown my artworks in Bangalore and Rishikesh at several venues. I have been recognized and interviewed by reputed Indian newspapers and web magazines.

I have also illustrated for many reputed magazines and books like “Like a Girl” and have been recently featured in “Innovate Bengaluru”, a book that lists the top innovators of Bengaluru. While my artworks adorn homes and businesses worldwide, I look forward to expanding my murals into activist public art on feminist topics, worldwide, soon.

On the personal front, I am a mom to a wonderful daughter Kanmani, and married to my best friend, Murali. I travel a lot, read more than I paint, and i still dabble in technology. Would love it if you say a Hi, Drop me a note on my contact page.

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