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“Vishnu” , 18 by 24 inches, Art Paper Print

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For others, Planning to make 8 limited edition art prints for sale. DM me if you are interested in the print.
This is a special painting combining my love for mythology, spirals and duality. I like to use mythology, a common narrative available to most of us, to help visualize some deeper existential philosophy.
The idea of this Painting is to convey Vishnu, the protector, nurturer of life, as a cyclic dynamic energy, gazing at Lakshmi, goddess of benovalence depicted as a lotus in his heart.
He wields the Chakra on his right, with predominantly an ego destructive, all consuming, fire, red and yellow energy, of long wavelength warm colors, male, or Yang energy.
On his left hand, he wields the conch shell, that’s nurturing, playful, musical, calming, cooler short wavelength colors, female or Yin energy.

I’ve used the core colors of both sides as a centred spiral originating in between his eyebrows, signifying a complete balance, a completely dynamic balanced energy that’s cyclic. I want the viewer to get lost in these spirals, and they formed the origins of this design.
His ear rings are the sun and the moon, pushing the duality further, and he is always pictured on a sea of milk, shown at the bottom with snake like swirls indicating Sesha or his serpent bed that signifies the origin of life.

Technically, I wanted to go all out on the color scheme, similar to the old calendar art of India, my inspiration from attending an artist talk. I want to capture the viewers attention first using the color, then the spirals, and then coming down to the lotus eyes of the calm persona of Vishnu.

I would love to read your comments about this painting ❤️ thanks for all your support for every piece I present. God bless us all. Stay safe.


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