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This abstract ear ornament known as a thandatti is made of sheet gold filled with lac. It is large and impressive and designed to look heavy but in fact is relatively light to wear. The form comprises spheres, triangles and a squarish pyramidal structure which hangs down when worn. It is unusual because the top-most surface (or bottom-most depending on how the ornament is displayed) is chased with a leafy floral form.

Typically matriarchal tribes wear such elaborate ear rings. African tribes, some indian matriarchal tribes and south indian generations wear these beautiful ornaments.

I’ve tried to use watercolor effects on acrylic, which is very fluid in paper. With my new at-home residency, I want to try paintings out of my comfort zone, and this technique has always eluded me on canvas. Canvas has its own challenges, but I hope to try this effect on canvas too. I have tried to use the highlights of the yellow gold on the lower half of the face, to have her face illuminated with the light of wisdom.


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