No Shadows


Acrylic on Canvas, 18 by 36 inches, Ready to Hang


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Inspired by Stilt Fishermen of Srilanka, who sit on long stilts near the shore so no shadows fall on the water.

I wanted to see Fisherwoman who do this, as part of my usual gender twisting, but it is also a commentary on the social requirements of a woman to be unseen/no shadows/no scenes in the society. The stilts also show the great inconveniences women bear to remain unnoticed/no shadows.
Would love to hear what this painting means to you guys!

It’s been in mind for a long time to do this painting, so happy to have crossed it off my list. Technically I loved using a lot of palette knife and imprecise strokes after the completely balanced and careful brush strokes of my Bheeshma.


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