My Daily Walk with Krishna


Acrylic on Board, 12 by 16 inches, available.

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Acrylic on Board, 12 by 16 inches

It was the third and last messenger meeting with Krishna and the Kauravas before Kurukshetra. Sathyaki was stressed out of his mind, while his master, Krishna, got down from his chariot, saw some children playing on a tree. He happily joined them, with a smile on his face as if nothing momentous is about to happen.

Sathyaki was perturbed at this calm smile. He asks Krishna, how can you be so nonchalant? Don’t you know this will be the biggest war if your meeting fails? Krishna, without looking at him, busy with play, being in the moment, says, there is no point thinking about all the paths that lead from and to a particular moment. Once the moment happens, a new path will appear. Let it happen.

Let it be.
Be in the moment.
A path will appear.


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