“Miss. Cellophane”, Acrylic and spray paint on Cellophane, stretched on wood. 2 by 2 feet.

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special measures needed to display.

I am a big fan of musicals. If you’ve watched the musical “Chicago”, you must’ve heard the song Mr.Cellophane. It is about how the world sees right through someone, as if they don’t exist. Their humanity is non-existent, disposable even. I was listening to this song today and I immediately had to do this painting.

The elders of our society, we often look through them, we don’t spend enough time or effort in getting to know them, and their wonderful stories and memories. Every line on their face is a story, every scar a reminder of an interesting life. If we stop looking through them, and start to look at them, we will be much richer for it.

There are a bit more layers to it, the lines on their face is #see-through while their eyeball is opaque white, to acknowledge they have their unique vision that needs to be acknowledged. The #nosepin is also opaque because many people do acknowledge old people only for their wealth as inheritance, and look through the rest of their existence.

So happy with how the cellophane canvas lends itself to the narrative, something I learnt from an artist talk yesterday, about using every variable. Life is all about inspiration all around ❤️ Hug an elder today, tell them you are there to listen.


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