Sometimes you run into a Buddha


“Sometimes you run into a Buddha”, Acrylic on wood, 12 by 16 inches.

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“Sometimes you run into a Buddha”, Acrylic on wood, 12 by 16 inches.

The Sun is kind in Bangalore today, so took some pictures outside. #nofilter. #swipe to see more.

Read on as I ramble about my art, if you have some time.

I am leaning towards abstract expressionism, with figuratives these days, with some light play, and some surreal (coming up next) and simple compositions. Mostly with palette knifes, and very less use of brushes. I feel I am settling down into a style after 5 long years. I have always been wary of “developing a style”, as I feel it would restrict my curious learning nature. But as I mature, I am realising that techniques are simply tools and some comfortable tools help us convey ideas better. Unknowingly, I’ve been using some cozy tools over the years. But something happened this year that helped me break out, as a result of letting everything go, in my spiritual meditation practice that doubles up as art practice.

This new non-style style feels so new and challenging every time due to the complete lack of control, and the joy of uncertainty it brings. It also feels it’s always dwelled in me, and it’s ready to arrive now through my paintings.

I’ve used the same style as “And the days passed like this” and I feel these two works convey where I am at, both in my life and my art ❤️ grateful to the universe for everything.

Thanks #instafam for putting up with my madness! My next series and the door are on my list and I hope to paint a lot more in what is left of this roller coaster year. Do purchase originals and prints at affordable prices on my website, link in bio., To help sustain me my mad ideas:)

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