In Your Dreams – RestForHer Series


Acrylic on Wood, 7 feet by 2.5 feet.

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“Rest for Her” is my themed art show/experience/popup that I plan to organize and execute sometime this year. The theme revolves around the concept of rest, as it pertains to women, and people who identify themselves as women. I plan to use artworks, temporary murals, some public murals photography, poetry and customized venue for a three day event  in  a restful space that will have performances and discussions. I am still in very initial stages of putting together a formal proposal, but this is the artwork that starts it all, and makes it real for me.
Here’s a poem about my very first artwork for the show. I had to paint a biological woman underpainting first and add some features to make it subtly male looking, in order to get a transwoman effect. Isn’t it weird that excluding trans artists,  we don’t see transpeople in the art world? I hope this is one step towards normalizing transpeople in art, as they make quite beautiful subjects. The weight of the wood, the color of the person, clouds everything has significance, which I shall explain at the exhibit. Would love to hear your comments.

Title : In your Dreams

In your dreams

There are clouds.


Non judgemental.

Your poking bones

And uncomfortable weight

Like the wood meant for


Seem to melt away.

And the clouds

Hold you.

Like you were never held

As a child, even.

Your feet are

Not needed here.

You don’t need to

Run away

From here

Like you always do.

Rest, my love.

Albeit for a little.

Rest from our


Rest from the

Deafening clap

Of demanding

Your place.

Rest from the

Unreasonable demands

We ask of a woman.

We ask of a man.

Rest, my love.

For in your dreams

You are home.


You are a woman.


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