Acrylic and Spray paint on plywood board, 22 by 9 inches.

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After many days I am back on my easel. I had always wanted to do Tamil graffiti, as the language lends itself to interesting design, and ever word has several different meanings that can be explored artistically. Check out @ponzhappylife_designs
For some inspired Tamil word art that explores it’s meanings.

Anbu means love. English is limited when it comes to words on love. This Anbu is the universal kind, that embraces all.

I personally love new york and I want to eventually do a solid Harlem style graffiti, but I understand that’ll require a large wall and spray paints. It requires a sense of abandon that only comes with spray paint. Especially the lines and angles and overlap. Planning to buy a small air compressor and tiny nozzles to simulate wall art within my little studio using airbrush.

However, I love how this little piece came about, and let it remind you, that love conquers all ❤️

#tamilgraffiti #graffitiart #acrylicpaint #spraypaintart #graffitiart #instaartist #tamil #love #anbu


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